Licensed Loan Officer- Souther California

Client is looking for producing and licensed Mortgage Loan Officers.

  • Self-generating professionals with a proven ability to generate their own business.
  • Excellent communication and customer service skills.
  • A thorough understanding of the mortgage industry and market trends.

Client offers:

  • Cloud-Based Platform: Our platform allows you to originate loans and operate from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Close Loans Fast: Our loan processing is fast, responsive, and attentive, ensuring your loan files close quickly.
  • Full Product Offerings: Provide clients with a full range of mortgage products.
  • Very Sharp Interest Rates: Offer your customers peace of mind with our competitive, razor-sharp interest rates each time you originate a loan.
  • Industry-Leading Compensation: Our compensation plan is not only rewarding but also leads the mortgage industry.

Maximize Your Earnings:  Earn an exceptional 180-248bps commission plus a Downline Revenue Share structure to create additional income on any other qualified Loan Officers you refer for hire.

Comprehensive Lead Platform:  In-house tool to help you build lead funnels and our CRM is a marketing powerhouse for social media, pre-built to help you hit the ground running.

Processing Team offers top-tier services that ensure a swift journey from application to closing.

Raw pricing, that has not been marked up, choose from the very best loan rates in the industry.

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